Wednesday, May 14, 2008

more fun

where does time go?

It's spring 2008 all ready....since i've fallen off the internet my blog and chat sites with people associated with the trisomy 21 group and the spina bifida moms group...sorry...Ladies...i miss of of you...i just was too "me" time except for courses was nil...I've become a Brain Gym(R) Consultant/Instructor...travelled out of town to many, many Brain Gym courses..even out of Province with my 2 lil ones and step daughter to Vancouver for a course on Dynamic and Postural Reflexes...with Svetlanna Musgatova ...all very interesting and fantastic for children with special needs, anyone in general actually!!
It's been a busy year!

Connor is doing wonderfully...his therapists...speech , ot and physio...think he's doing amazing...their words "we are blown away " by how well he can do his last appt a couple weeks ..he performed like a star..he showed them all his tricks and bay signs..he even said a few words for them "right there" they were impressed.

Tessa is doing well..busy too..just finished some swimming lessons..then now she's doing horse riding....and with school more swimming and they just finished gymnastics and dance...all of things Tessa loves to do.

All the rest of my gang are fine...the older girls, Sash and Meag are done school for the year and busy with their jobs and bfs. My oldest son is helping build the new hospital(he's a carpenter apprentice)..he's making a place for Meagan to work at when she's done her nursing program. Brit is working at rent a car place getting to drive some nice new cars.

Above are some recent pictures...photobucket was giving me a hard time to upload I thought ..I'd just start another account...i had too many pic I think in my other to add anymore....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Catching up...halloweeen etc

It's been a while...for some reason..i kept getting booted off when trying to load stuff on might be a better day....if u see more it is a better day.....this slide show is Chris's surprize birthday was a halloween dress up party:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Papa's birthday

we had a surprize birthday for my dad the same day as the double baptism:)

it was a busy day.....way too much cake!

Connor's birthday

Connor turned 1 this summer...he had 2 paries with family and friends...lots of fun. For the second party he was uncle dalt stuck his hand in the cake to show he had some fun...anyway...:)

Connor and Maddisyn got Baptised.....

Hilary Concert....

Tessa and her friend, Jessica went to the Hilary Duff concert...they had a blast....Connor met the band in the day at the mall with we snagged a picture with them. Tessa was bumming out...
The concert was fun....oh so many loud shrill screams from lil girls...glad we found ear was much better:)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

summer fun

summer 07

We are having a fun filled busy event...Connor's 1st birthday

Family outing....

to "the Simpsons Movie".
P.S....LIsa Stole my laugh

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Patricks and Amanda's Wedding

Dinner out with Mary and Borris

we went out for Dinner at the Mandarin while were were away....yummy!